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My Sandtrooper (TD) Armor began as a regular Stormtrooper (TK) Armor kit that I purchased from ANOVOS.
This Armor is very nice and durable for trooping in with the 501st. This armor is a very clean, sharp pull, nice white color, and the ABS material is also flawless.  This Armor is a sharper pull than SDS Armor.

However, the ANOVOS Armor is a little thinner than Shepperton Design Studios (SDS) Armor and the other armor kits that are normally used by various 501st members. Nevertheless, the ANOVOS Armor is a nice set and is easily assembled with minimal modifications.

I built my ANOVOS Armor kit knowing that I would be converting it to a Sandtrooper. My friend "Highway" helped me on the build and we assembled this kit to a higher standard than normal '501st Approval' standards. Highway and I were very meticulous because I had plans to submit my Sandtrooper Armor to the MEPD for the elite status of Police Officer and SWAT.

Below is "Before', which is what the ANOVOS Armor looked like when I purchased it and the 'After', which is what it looks like now - after it was weathered and converted to a Sandtrooper.