Welcome to my Website...

Phoenix, Arizona

So, what's on this website?

Having been a Star Wars Fan for most of my life, in 2007 I decided to pursue a hobby in Star Wars costuming.  And like any good web designer, I knew that I also needed to build a website.

I joined the 501st in 2008 and now have three (3) authorized Star Wars costumes.
      Stormtrooper TK-8847
      Tusken Raider DZ-8847
      Sandtrooper TD-8847

All of my costumes are showcased on this website, along with my wife Lisa's Stormtrooper costume.

If you would like to join the 501st Legion or want more information about the organization, I encourage you to visit their website. The is a non-profit organization that does appearances at children events, hospitals, parades, Arizona Diamondback games, Phoenix Suns games, and almost anywhere else that they're requested.

However, before joining the 501st Legion, I learned that you are required to own a "Movie Accurate" Star Wars Imperial based costume. Well, I wondered where someone would get a Star Wars Imperial costume. I soon realized that 95% of them are made by the fans themselves. However, with some constant checking and due diligence, you can find some 501st approved armor on EBay. (which is not the best choice)

Before ANOVOS came along with their Licensed Star Wars Costumes, I bought my Armor from the man who made the original in 1976 - Andrew Ainsworth (Read More Here).  He lives in England and owns Shepperton Design Studios.  His Armor isn't cheap, but it is nice.

However, I would reccommend either buying ANOVOS Armor, or go to the 501st Facebook page and get yourself to a Meet and Greet where you can ask members direct questions about purchasing armor.

   “These blast points are too accurate for sandpeople.
       Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.”

           “You don’t need to see his identification...
               These aren’t the droids you’re looking for... move along."

Imperial Data  

Operating ID:    TK-8847 - Commissioned November 2008
Specialty Assignment:    Mos Eisley Police Department (MEPD)
Personal Data:    Restricted
Imperial Assignment:    501st Legion - MEPD Deployed
                                      Dune Sea Garrison